Founded in 2015, NODE is a student association linked to the master program Geographical Information Management and Application, or GIMA in short. As this master is spread out over four Dutch universities (Delft, Enschede, Utrecht and Wageningen) and it attracts multiple foreign students, a link between all the students was needed. NODE is the direct result of this need. Our main goal is to bring the GIMA students together, both inside and outside of the contact weeks. To achieve this goal, activities are organized with either a focus on the informal or education.



On Friday the 24th of May, we followed a Business Course provided by Tensing at their office in Waardenburg. We used FME for a case about the Tour de France in Utrecht. 

Thank you Tensing for the interesting and interactive workshop!


During the masterclass atGOconnectIT last thursday we learned how the company uses GIS for managing geo information for cables and pipelines. We even got to drive around in a 3D scanning car! It was an interesting day!


We are very happy to share the group photo of our second and successful NODE trip! Last weekend we visited Tirana with a group of 25 enthusiastic GIMA students. We had a city tour through the interesting capital of Albania, visited a bunker museum and "climbed" a mountain during a mountain tour. Besides that we had dinners with a lot of traditional food and enjoyed the Albanian bars!

Thank you all for joining and thanks to Dewitec for contributing to the trip! We are already looking forward to next year :)


During the alumni event on wednesday seven alumni told current GIMA students everything about writing your thesis, doing an internship and finding a job. Thank you Joe d'Hont, Sjors Hoek, Stijn van der Hoek, Ruben van der Valk, Cynthia de Vos and Elisa van Bergen for sharing your interesting experiences!



On Wednesday the 27th of March a Missing Maps Mapathon took place in Wageningen! This event was organized together with the Red Cross and Nieuwland Geo-Information. Vulnerable areas in Mozambique that have been affected by cyclone Idai were mapped. Thank you everyone who helped during the event!



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