Missing Maps events

On Wednesday the 27th of March there will be a Missing Maps Mapathon in Wageningen! This event is organized together with Nieuwland Geo-Information and it will take place at their office in Wageningen. During this evening, someone of the Red Cross organization will give us an introduction and afterwards we will map vulnerable areas with the help of satellite images. Nieuwland will provide us with free pizza and drinks. More information can be found here, together with the registration link: 

We are welcome from 17.00h and the introduction starts at 17.45h. For first year GIMA students, this is directly after the lectures at the WUR so we can cycle/take the bus together to Nieuwland. There are limited places available so please don’t forget to sign up if you want to be sure to join this event!

In summary:
- Pizza is free
- Bring your own laptop and mouse
- 17.00 Nieuwland, Wageningen 
- Please sign up for the event using the following link:

September 13th there will be a Missing Maps event in the Schermerlounge of the ITC Hotel, Enschede. With a big group we will help the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders by mapping areas in developing countries. The mapping can be done without any mapping experience, so everyone can participate!

The event will start at 18:00 sharp at room Schermerlounge, with some background information and instructions. The mapping will continue until 21:00. If you want, we can arrange pizza for you. This will cost you € 6.00. Drinks will be provided for, but feel free to bring your own drinks or snacks. Make sure to bring your own laptop and computer mouse! At the end of the evening we’ll have mapped a large area of our case. This data will be of great use when there is a need for humanitarian help.

In summary:
- Pizza is optional (€ 6.00)
- Bring your own laptop and mouse
- 18:00 Schermerlounge, ITC International Hotel (Boulevard 1945 4, Enschede)
- Please fill out the form to sign up and to let us know which pizza you want:

On May 16th a Missing Maps Mapathon was organised by the geo-related study associations of Utrecht University, at the Koningsberger Building on the Utrecht University Campus.

The Missing Maps project is a collaboration between the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). The objective is to map vulnerable locations, so that, in case of natural disasters, first responders are better capable of assessing the impact and reaching people in need. This way, humanitarian aid becomes quicker and more efficient. Prior to the mapathon itself, the Red Cross gave us instructions and Simon Tembo, a Red Cross representative from Malawi, told us what our results would be used for.

The mapathon was a big success and resulted in a large area that was mapped.




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